Proving Your Value: Measuring Sponsorship Return on Investment

I’ve written a lot about sponsorship valuations lately and, while this is not a post about valuation, sponsorship ROI is a close cousin. Before we get started, make sure you check out these two posts, which will be referenced throughout this article: The second article is stuffed with great resources, including my valuation checklist and infographic. The first article listed above has a fascinating comment from a sponsor all about the concept of sponsorship return on investment (ROI)…and that’s what we are going to focus on today. Read More

Sponsorship Follow-Up: The Art of Overcoming Objections

“What do you mean you sold the last spot!? We’ve worked together for years and you sold my sponsorship package to my competitors?” My heart sank. I had an irate sponsor on the phone, or former sponsor in this case, who clearly wanted to come on board but I didn’t give him the chance to. My reasoning? I didn’t want to be pushy or rude and I assumed his responses to me were polite “no thank yous.” Read More

How to Use Audience Data for More Sponsorship Sales

If you want to stop having your emails deleted, phone calls ignored and proposal thrown in the shredder it is essential that you get started in gathering data on your audience immediately. There is a gap in approach and knowledge between brands and sponsorship seekers.  Many sponsorship seekers do not possess the level of data and knowledge of the audience that sponsors require to make informed decisions.  Sponsors have a limited budget, limited time and limited patience for sponsorship seekers who don’t know the audience they offer. Read More

The Sponsorship Proposal and…Shark Attacks?

Because it rarely happens that we receive a sponsorship investment without submitting a sponsorship proposal it is too easy to assume that the sponsorship proposal causes the sponsorship dollars. This belief pervades all aspects of sponsorship sales but actually the sponsorship proposal is not where we should be putting our efforts. Read More


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