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Recent Blog Posts

“Just Send me a Proposal” The Five Words you Never Want to Hear in Sponsorship

Telling people “no” is an uncomfortable experience and people try to avoid it at all costs and so our prospects have come up with an ingenious way to say no without having to say no, and it sounds like this: “Just send me a proposal” Which is code for “no thanks.”

The One Thing Every Sponsor Wants (And Nobody is Doing)

Everybody wants a silver bullet to sell sponsorship, the one thing that works every time. Guess what? It DOES exist! Is it a well written proposal? A solid elevator pitch? The perfect combination of logos, sampling rights and exhibit space? Nope! I talk to sponsors a lot (yes, the people with the money!) and I hear

The Five Reasons Your Sponsors Ignore Your E-mails

Email is a fabulous tool to help warm up cold calls…except when it isn’t! I hear from clients and colleagues all the time that their e-mails are not producing results. They send out 1,000 emails and hear nothing back. I have had excellent results using email to help open doors and I see truly horrible

Surveys Don’t Work (and other lies we tell ourselves)

Surveys are a very important part of your sponsorship program. Every organisation should be surveying their attendees and their database if they want to grow (or maintain) their sponsorship program. I talk a lot about the power of audience data and cover the importance of surveys in all of my in person and online training

How to get sponsorship for a first year event or new opportunity

What do you do when you are launching a brand new event? Or a naming right for a building that hasn’t been constructed yet? Or a new program? First, it has to be said: a brand new sponsorship opportunity is not given a pass from following the sponsorship sales process discussed in this article.

How do I sell sponsorship for…?

I get this question or a variation of it every day, multiple times a day and at every speaking event, workshop and webinar that I run.

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