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The Sponsorship Collective is all about smart corporate partnerships and leveraging the growing sponsorship market to build brands and communities. We believe that the best way to sell sponsorship is to do so in-house and so everything we do is focused on helping you build capacity within your organization to engage in lasting partnerships with your sponsors.

The Sponsorship Collective are experts in corporate sponsorships, event sponsorship, asset development, asset valuation, inventory development and sponsorship strategy.

Our sponsorship consulting agency helps sponsors and sponsorship properties around the world exceed their objectives and secure optimum value for their assets.

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The Turnkey Sponsorship Solution

We have streamlined the strategy and valuation process and cut the fat to bring you the most effective product on the market today. This process is comprehensive and designed to give you everything you need, from start to finish, to launch your sponsorship program, connect with prospects, make the sale and renew your sponsors.


The Sponsorship Academy

In addition to live workshops and customized training, we offer an online training and coaching system called The Sponsorship Academy. Within The Sponsorship Academy, you have exclusive, unlimited access to the original Five Stages of Sponsorship Sales course, packed with videos, templates and exercises designed to increase your sponsorship sales…guaranteed.


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Small Shop Sponsorship: The Three-Headed Hydra, Part One

This two-part blog post series goes out to my warrior-friends in the non-profits and charities who identify as “small shops”. These organizations are typically under $500,000 in yearly revenue, and cringe at the thought of taking on additional tasks that will stretch their already scarce resources.

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