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23 Articles and Blogs on Fundraising Event Ideas and Sponsorship

Events! We all run them, whether it’s a fundraising event, conference, meeting or gala…if you work in the not for profit sector, events are a mainstay.

Not everybody likes events but since they are here to stay, if you’re going to run them you might as well use them to raise loads of sponsorship dollars and use your events strategically to build your brand and grow your database.

Check out these resources below all about events!

  1. Are You Gathering The Right Attendee Data?
  2. The 10 Steps To A Successful Fundraising Event
  3. 5 Things You Need To Throw A Fabulous Fundraiser
  4. 8 Ways To Supercharge Your Attendee Engagement
  5. 8 Tips For Getting High Dollar Sponsorship For Your Big Event
  6. Building And Attracting Event Sponsors
  7. The Event Planner: Sponsorship: Show Me The Money
  8. Plan Event Sponsorship ROI Before Sponsoring An Event
  9. What Do You See On The Horizon For This Year?
  10. Nonprofit Fundraising, Part 1: How To Plan Your First Successful Event
  11. Planning And Executing A Successful Nonprofit Fundraising Event
  12. Planning Perfect Fundraisers For Sponsors And Partners
  13. How To Plan A Fundraising Event Or Activity
  14. How To Organize An Event To Raise Money/Awareness For Your Organization
  15. Sponsorship Is The “Misunderstood” Sibling Of Event Planning
  16. Running An Effective Event
  17. 14 Great Low-Cost Tech Tools For Planners
  18. Seven Mistakes Even Event Professionals Still Get Wrong
  19. No Rest For #Eventprofs: 8 Essential Things To Do After Your Event
  20. 5 Time Management Tips Every Event Planner Needs
  21. 14 Great iPhone/iPad Apps For Event Planners – 2015 Update
  22. Pre Event Communication
  23. Corporate Event Budgets: Do It Like A Pro

What are your favourite articles and blogs on event planning for the not for profit sector? Leave them in the notes section to be included in round two!

Chris Baylis is a cause marketing, sponsorship and corporate social responsibility (CSR) specialist. Chris has managed both national and local cause marketing campaigns and is a board member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

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