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Who We Are

The Sponsorship Collective is all about smart corporate partnerships and leveraging the growing sponsorship market to build brands and communities. Our expertise includes:

  • Sponsorship Strategy
  • Asset Valuation
  • Sponsorship Activation and Fulfillment
  • Event Marketing

We represent companies interested in building their brand through sponsorship and we work with charities, not for profit organizations, events and organized sport to grow their sponsorship revenue.

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The Turnkey Sponsorship Solution

Our signature product, called The Turnkey Sponsorship Solution, was designed to help you overcome all of the obstacles holding back your sponsorship sales.

If you find yourself asking any of the following questions, then The Turnkey Sponsorship Solution will help you bring in more sponsorship dollars…guaranteed!

  • How do I find the time to engage sponsors and balance sales with all of my other duties?
  • How much should I charge in my sponsorship packages?
  • Which companies are likely to be interested in what I have to offer?
  • How do I get in front of the right people…and what do I say to them when we finally connect?
  • How do I prove return on investment to my sponsors?
  • What should I put in my initial proposal?
  • How do I get internal buy in and engage my boss (or board or colleagues) in the process?

The Turnkey Sponsorship Solution is designed to answer all of these questions, give you everything you need to speak the language of your prospects and close more sponsorship sales.

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The Sponsorship Academy

Whether you have been selling sponsorship for years or are just starting out, this online course is designed to take you through the entire process and make you stand out as a sponsorship expert.

  • The course is delivered entirely online over five weeks
  • Every week, a new module is unlocked including video, lessons, templates and assignments to implement what you are learning
  • You have access to four months of group coaching sessions
  • At the end of the course, you will know exactly what to do, how to close more sponsorship dollars and how to avoid the mistakes that sponsors hate
  • Students also receive a free sponsorship proposal audit and a one on one coaching session

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