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  • Sponsorship Follow-Up: The Art of Overcoming Objections

    “What do you mean you sold the last spot!? We’ve worked together for years and you sold my sponsorship package to my competitors?” My heart sank. I had an irate sponsor on the phone, or former sponsor in this case, who clearly wanted to come on board but I didn’t give him the chance to.

  • Five Reasons Your Sponsorship Proposal isn’t Working!

    Sponsorship marketing is hard work! Nothing is more frustrating than spending countless hours crafting a sponsorship proposal, sending it out to your prospects and hearing…nothing in return. I see a lot of sponsorship proposals, good ones and bad ones (and some REALLY bad ones) but all of them suffer from one of these five issues,

  • Corporate Partnership Case Study: The Art of Doing Nothing

    In today’s post, I want to share a case study with you. An example of how I closed a major, multi-year sponsor in a way that will surprise you. It didn’t include any fancy sponsorship proposals or a complicated activation strategy.

  • The Five Stages of Sponsorship Sales

    Five stages of sponsorship? But isn’t sponsorship about setting a budget goal, creating a package with three levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and then dividing that budget goal across those three levels and e-blasting your stock proposal to every company you can think of? Yes! At least that’s the common practice, anyway. I have spent a

  • What do Sponsors Want? Actually, Sponsors Don’t Exist!

    I know what you’re thinking “another post about how we should stop using the term ‘sponsor’ in favor of something like ‘partner.’” Nope. In fact, there is no word for “sponsors” because sponsors simply don’t exist. Wait…what? Let’s start with the working definition of sponsor from our friends at Google Translate:

  • The Five Reasons Your Prospects Ignore Your E-mails

    Email is a fabulous tool to help warm up cold calls…except when it isn’t! I hear from clients and colleagues all the time that their e-mails are not producing results. They send out 1,000 emails and hear nothing back. I have had excellent results using email to help open doors and I see truly horrible

  • The Most Powerful Asset in Sponsorship

    There is one thing that every single sponsorship property has to offer that every single sponsor wants…and very few sponsorship seekers realize they have it. What is this magical thing that will make your sponsorship sales so much easier? I’m going to tell you…but first a story! From “No Thanks” to “Sign Me Up!”

  • How to Use Audience Data for More Sponsorship Sales

    If you want to stop having your emails deleted, phone calls ignored and proposal thrown in the shredder it is essential that you get started in gathering data on your audience immediately. There is a gap in approach and knowledge between brands and sponsorship seekers.  Many sponsorship seekers do not possess the level of data

  • The Ultimate Sponsorship Prospecting Formula

    One of the main reasons people reach out to sponsorship consultants is for help with prospecting. I am often asked for my advice on how to get sponsors as though there is a magic formula that, if employed properly, will lead to more successful sponsorship packages. There isn’t…until now, that is.

  • Seven Corporate Sponsorship Strategies for the New Year

    Welcome back from, what I hope was, a restful and relaxing time with friends and family! If you’re anything like me, you spent the month of December saying things like “I will take care of that in the new year!” Putting off tasks to be handled by some future version of yourself in a distant

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