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  • How a Sponsorship Fulfillment Report Saved my Life

    Full disclosure: a fulfillment report didn’t actually save my life! It did, however, save me from a horribly embarrassing situation, saved a sponsorship relationship and saved me a lot of pain.

  • The Five Stages of Sponsorship Sales

    Five stages of sponsorship? But isn’t sponsorship about setting a budget goal, creating a package with three levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and then dividing that budget goal across those three levels and e-blasting your stock proposal to every company you can think of? Yes! At least that’s the common practice, anyway. I have spent a

  • The Essential Guide to Sponsorship Valuation: Learn How to Price Sponsorships Like a Pro

    Before we dive in, I am giving away two free resources to help you with valuations. Get your free copy of my infographic and valuation checklist now! Determining the value of your sponsorship inventory and defining your own sponsorship valuation formula is without a doubt the thing that strikes fear into the hearts of even the

  • Disruption in the Marketplace: Three Sponsorship Trends Worth Paying Attention To

    The sponsorship landscape has changed dramatically over the last five years and the pace of change has picked up, with no signs of letting up. While this increased pace of change makes it challenging for sponsorship sales professionals, it also opens up opportunities. Here are three changes and trends that you should be aware of:

  • How to do Corporate Sponsorship Badly! Part Two

    In part one of my corporate sponsorship gone wrong post I covered three examples of what NOT to do with your sponsors. If you liked those three examples, you are going to love these last two examples. Have a horror story of your own to share? Leave it in the comments!

  • How to do Corporate Sponsorship Badly! Part One

    The goal of this post is simple: learn from my mistakes! I have been doing corporate sponsorship deals for charities, private companies, and associations and not for profits for a long time and I have had some great successes but I have also had some disastrous corporate sponsorship deals gone wrong.

  • Sponsorship Follow-Up: The Art of Overcoming Objections

    “What do you mean you sold the last spot!? We’ve worked together for years and you sold my sponsorship package to my competitors?” My heart sank. I had an irate sponsor on the phone, or former sponsor in this case, who clearly wanted to come on board but I didn’t give him the chance to.

  • “Just Send me a Proposal” The Five Words you Never Want to Hear in Sponsorship

    Telling people “no” is an uncomfortable experience and people try to avoid it at all costs and so our prospects have come up with an ingenious way to say no without having to say no, and it sounds like this: “Just send me a proposal” Which is code for “no thanks.”

  • The One Thing Every Sponsor Wants (And Nobody is Doing)

    Everybody wants a silver bullet to sell sponsorship, the one thing that works every time. Guess what? It DOES exist! Is it a well written proposal? A solid elevator pitch? The perfect combination of logos, sampling rights and exhibit space? Nope! I talk to sponsors a lot (yes, the people with the money!) and I hear

  • The Five Reasons Your Sponsors Ignore Your E-mails

    Email is a fabulous tool to help warm up cold calls…except when it isn’t! I hear from clients and colleagues all the time that their e-mails are not producing results. They send out 1,000 emails and hear nothing back. I have had excellent results using email to help open doors and I see truly horrible

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