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Are you tired of sponsors turning you down? Give us 45 minutes, and we’ll help you identify your biggest sponsorship roadblocks and create an effective strategy to grow your sponsorship revenue.
sponsorship revenue.

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Our Promise to you for this call

During our 45-minute sponsorship consulting call, we’ll help you identify any bottlenecks holding you down and provide you with tips and guidance on how to turn your current struggles into partnership opportunities!


We’ll dig in to find out what’s really holding you back from success and how to turn your current ineffective strategies into sponsorship deals.

Expert Advice

We’ve been at this for a long time, providing you with expert advice based on our first-hand experience from working with thousands of clients operating in multiple industries.

Build a Plan for Success

Plan for Success

During the sponsorship consultation, we’ll help you craft the strategy to increase your sponsorship revenue within the next 90 days.

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If you find a free slot on the calendar below, book your call with the Sponsorship Collective team today. Don’t wait! We receive new applications each day, and our spots book up quickly. Oh, and speaking of applications, our pro tip is to fill it out right after you book your free sponsorship consulting session to avoid it being canceled. For more information, watch the video above!

This session isn’t for everyone…

Before you book an event sponsorship consulting session, let us clarify one thing – it’s not for everyone! So, before booking your free consultation, be sure you meet the following criteria.

Who it’s for…


Festivals, events, athletes, motorsport, podcasts, nonprofits, conferences, influencers, sports teams;


Sponsorship seekers who have tried it on their own and are unhappy with their results;


Those looking to offer sponsors REAL value and ROI;


The sponsorship seeker who wants a simple, repeatable process that has been battle-tested and actually works!

who is it not for


Those looking to outsource their sponsorship sales (we will not sell sponsorship for you). The best person to sell sponsorship is you;


Silver bullet thinking (all I need is “contacts” or “sales material”). We have made sponsorship simple… but you need to be ready to put in the work;


Sponsorship seekers who think of sponsors as “investors” or “donors”;


Those who see sponsorship as a “nice to have”. We can’t want this more than you


People who need sponsorship within the next few weeks. Our system works fast, but it will take you at least 45 days before you onboard new sponsors.

Not Sure We’re The Right Fit?

Still not sure how our sponsorship consulting session might help you? No worries! Check out what our past clients have to say about working with the Sponsorship Collective!

CJ Scarlet – 30K on Day 3 in the Accelerator

I decided to ask my board to fund the Sponsorship Collective Accelerator program after binge watching Chris Baylis’ very helpful video tips.
I didn’t know what to expect, but I was not disappointed. In fact, I raised more sponsorship money in our first few months of the program than our organization has EVER raised!… including a $30k multi-year partnership that I helped secure in our first 3 days of the program!
The Accelerator is composed of fascinating videos that break down Chris’ fundraising advice and tools into simple, achievable steps. The Valuation Calculator alone is worth more than the cost of the entire program.
I can’t WAIT to next participate in Chris’ Million Dollar Property program that will teach me how to secure more large, multi-year partnership deals.
I’m now the Sponsorship Collective’s biggest fan and am happy to respond to any DMs about my experience with them. SC ROCKS!
CJ Scarlet

Vice President & Chair of the Corporate Partnership & Outreach Committee, Harmony: NC LGBT+ Allied Chamber of Commerce

Learn how CJ:
Closed 30K on Day 3 in The Sponsorship Accelerator
Earned more in the 90 days of The Sponsorship Accelerator than in the 30 year history of their organization
Learned to love sales
Completed The Sponsorship Accelerator as a volunteer

Chris Norwood – Student to Master

Learn how Chris:
Doubled his sponsorship revenue
He stopped undervaluing his property
Built a sponsorship team and process
Learnt the importance of patience
As someone who was brand new to sponsorships last year, I was helped tremendously by The Sponsorship Collective. I was able to create a solid foundation for building a program and ended up growing our sponsorships by 100%. Thank you Chris!!!
Chris Norwood

Director of Marketing & Partnerships, Co-Owner DUSK Music Festival

Heather And Rush – From “Stumbling In The Dark” To “Sponsorship Cheat Codes”

Learn how Heather & Rush:
How reporting on ROI changed everything
Using valuation to negotiate and upsell sponsors
How audience data opened up new markets
Why the “business case” is superior to the old school proposal
How to generate a massive media footprint using activations
Behind The Scenes Look! Using Sponsorship To Generate A Massive Media Footprint.
A complete walkthrough of how to build an amazing activation
Why custom sponsorship is the only way
Why the “right” audience matters more than a massive audience
Using audience feedback to create amazing sponsorship opportunities
How to leverage media to increase the value of your sponsorship
Why “Gold, Silver, Bronze” is holding you back

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