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Heather Clifford – CMO- Vertical Challenge LLC
Rush Olson– Creative & Marketing Consultant- Vertical Challenge LLC


Linda Kafka 
Founder- LivABLE Environment Inc.


Mark Makin 
Founder / Director at Spontza


Anna Shaw
Director, Business Development and Members Rewards – Quarter Century Club (QCC)


Laurren Darr
Manager, Operations and Marketing, Zachery Tinkle #53 Race Team


Anissa Cooke
Director, Operations 


Chris Norwood
Co-Owner, DUSK Music Festival
Ryan Knight
President, Afro Caribbean B

Genevieve Harris
Chief Executive Officer, Free To Live Management Services


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Laurren #Win (audience size surprise)
Laurren #Win (audience size surprise)
Laurren #Win (audience size surprise)
Laurren #Win (audience size surprise)
Laurren #Win (audience size surprise)
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Client Love 44
Client Love 44
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Laurren #Win (audience size surprise)
Laurren #Win (audience size surprise)
Laurren #Win (audience size surprise)
Laurren #Win (audience size surprise)
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Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 10.28.49 AM

Here's What People Are Saying...

Making the decision to work with The Sponsorship Collective is the most impactful decision we have made this year. Building the organizational capacity to approach sponsorship properly and effectively is essential to our financial viability.

The methodology and tools provided by The Sponsorship Collective have completely changed our mindset, confidence level, and ability to define and put a value to what we have to offer prospective sponsors. We can identify prospective sponsors that are a good fit, providing benefit to our membership, and who will want to work with us because we can offer custom solutions to help them achieve their goals.

Chris and his team are truly responsive and dedicated to helping us every step of the way, and we increased our sponsorship revenue just a short time into the program.

Highly effective program. 

Great team. 

Highly recommended!

Manuela De Paoli

General Manager, Pierrefonds Soccer Association

The Sponsorship Collective are top thought leaders in the industry, enabling organizations across North America with the tools and resources to create sustainable and creative sponsorship engagement strategies.

If you haven’t yet engaged The Sponsorship Collective in a project, I encourage you to make that call – you won’t regret it.

Cristin Christopher

Director of External Relations, Nipissing University

As a newcomer to the world of sponsorship, I was amazed at the depth of experiential knowledge and training methodology used to walk me step-by-step through the process. The combination of instructive videos, assignments, feedback and coaching provided every opportunity for customizing to suit my needs.

I especially enjoyed the group coaching calls which Chris facilitated with complete candour and humour. I am a true fan of The Sponsorship Collective.

Merri Macartney

Founder, Don’t Die Before Your Dead Movement

Working with the Sponsorship Collective has been invaluable to us. We now not only have market tested valuations for our sponsorship properties, we have learned how to continue to build and refine our sponsorship strategies and approaches independently. They break down every step of the sponsorship process so that even a true beginner can employ their strategies and tools.

Frances Houston

Director of Major Gifts, University of Waterloo

Engaging The Sponsorship Collective has been a game changer for us. 

The tools, resources and the way in which Chris encourages you to approach sponsorship, is from a mutually beneficial, conversational standpoint. This turns the old school style of “asking for money” to a conversation between two partners that have like-minded goals and want to work together, making the term corporate partnership much more understandable and attainable.

Chris’s teaching methods are based off years of experience and learning from his stories of successes and tribulations resonates so deeply for anyone who has experience working with sponsors.  He is approachable and always takes the time to dive into any questions our team has had. Chris genuinely wants you to succeed in securing partnerships that are meaningful for your organization and you end up feeling like he truly is a member of your team. 

Stephanie Miller

Senior Director, Community and Donor Development, Ontario SPCA and Humane Society

My associate and I took a whole new approach to sponsorships for our annual event this year based on the suggestions of The Sponsorship Collective. It was overwhelmingly well received! We’ve done much more advertising and public acknowledgement of donors, reduced the number of people sponsors have to strong-arm into attending yet another of the dozens of events that happen in our community at this time of year, and we increased sponsorship revenue.”

Maureen Yee

Senior Officer, Leadership Gifts at Saratoga Hospital

Chris Baylis and The Sponsorship collective were a huge help to our organization in figuring out corporate sponsorship. Their program was very well defined and enabled us to train a number of people. We ended up with multiple ideas and tools to take forward and Chris remained available even after for a couple follow up support questions. I would definitely recommend this program.

Miriam Booy

Director of Philanthropy, Enablement World Vision Canada

I’ve been fundraising & selling sponsorships for almost 20 years and what I love MOST about Chris is his kindness in being thorough and straightforward with a no-fluff approach to teaching and coaching to help you get RESULTS!

If you want to learn from a true professional & expert in sponsorships, Chris is the man!

Marly Q. Casanova

Founder, PARK Project Inc.

I have been in Advertising and Marketing for over 33 years working with over 5000 clients. I recently decided to branch out into sponsorship sales to help a friend. Thinking that would be an easy addition but I knew I needed help right after my first few sponsorship calls.
Sponsorship was not the same as advertising selling.

I researched for sponsorship help and went through about 80-100 sites and read their reviews etc. and in the end, the number one on my list was The sponsorship Collective. I called directly and spoke with them about what I wanted to accomplish and long story short: The best decision made. These tools and advice are a MUST for sponsorship success.

The Sponsorship Collective helped me build a complete foundation, not a house of cards, and we are having overwhelming success.  I very strongly recommend this complete solution for anyone looking to close sponsorship deals in today's real time markets.

Not to mention it was actually fun meeting weekly with others doing the same thing as we all helped each other with brainstorming and sharing experiences etc..

Worth every penny!

Marria Ruttle

President, WAM CORP

I absolutely loved taking part in the Sponsorship Collective’s Accelerator program! I was looking for a way to create financial win-wins with sponsors/ funders as a filmmaker. And Chris, Mark, Chris N., and the team showed me in so many ways how to be and do that. What surprised and thrilled me is how much the philosophy Chris and his team teach lines up with my own story and my approach to business and life: I highly value and always want to learn more about really listening to understand the needs and wants of others. With the skills and the understanding of sponsorship development I gained, I know that my business and the impact I have on the lives of others is going to soar higher than ever before.
Thank you for seeing me, hearing me, and greatly encouraging my creative properties and ideas! I was truly blessed by the team and the community!


Director, Writer & Filmmaker

As someone who was brand new to sponsorships last year, I was helped tremendously by The Sponsorship Collective. I was able to create a solid foundation for building a program and ended up growing our sponsorships by 100%. Thank you Chris!!!

Chris Norwood

Director of Marketing & Partnerships, Co-Owner DUSK Music Festival

Hi Chris,

I just want to tell you how amazing that The Sponsorship Collective is and I'm not one to sign up for paid conferences or training online very often. I reached out to 18 people on Sunday with your email template and already got 11 meetings booked! 

What an eye-opener it is to simply change your mindset and truly focus on what matters to the prospect! One prospect, who advised me that sponsorship has been cut back, said that our phone call today was the most fun he had all week! 

He's now looking forward to receiving a custom sponsorship proposal draft which won't have any tiers!

Thank you!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your work to anyone else who has to solicit sponsorship!

Amber Richards


Working with The Sponsorship Collective has allowed us to enhance our partnership program by instituting a “partner first” approach. We have implemented proper valuation techniques and continue to build out activations that put our sponsors interests first. Using The Sponsorship Collective’s methodology throughout process has been invaluable.

Edward Byers CHRP, CMP, CAE

Director, Membership & Business Development, Canadian Society of Association Executives

Chris challenges the status quo of sponsorship where we all create a logo soup of gold, silver and bronze and occasionally dare to reach for a platinum sponsorship! When we ask why sponsors aren't buying our packages, Chris helps change the conversation to finding out what the sponsor wants and matching those with our organization so that both of us leave happy from the party.

Chris also challenges us to look at our 'products' and look for unconventional sponsors. It's not about us, it's about the customers we have at our event that businesses want to reach and if that aligns there's an ROI you can capitalize on to build a better relationship with your sponsors

Derek Delouche

Senior Development Officer, Carleton University

This year I was tasked with doing the sponsorship for our big event. I avidly read The Sponsorship Collective’s material and have been lucky enough to see a number of their webinars. Using the tools they teach, I made some really great connections with corporate sponsors. The sponsors have been thrilled with the approach and it’s definitely going to build relationships for the long term
Micah Garten

Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation

Most of my sales experience comes from Corporate America. I was asked constantly to sponsor events but no one ever asked me what I wanted, what my goals were, very frustrating!

The Sponsorship Collective’s approach is a game changer!

THIS is what I had been looking for and I have already seen great success!

Amy Ferdinando

Assistant Development Director, Children’s Advocacy Center for Denton County

Toss everything you thought you knew about sponsorships out the window. Seriously.

The Sponsorship Collective has NAILED the sponsorship approach for our current fundraising climate!

Jane Sleep

Executive Director, Jennifer Ashleigh Children's Charity

Chris is someone you would want alongside you in a sponsorship royal rumble. He is sharp, creative and provides solid advice based on years of experience.

Albert Wong

Director, Junior Achievement (JA)

Working with the Sponsorship Collective team was amazing.  TSC gave us the confidence, all the tools and skills that we needed to be successful in approaching and presenting to sponsors.  The program is fun to follow, the documents that we need to present to the coaching team are logical and well-thought.  The coaches are there to follow up and you will feel supported 100% of the time.  The coaching calls are motivating and really helpful.  TSC was a great investment for the upscaling of our business.  It was challenging at some point, and the constant support of the team made us succesful.  We are now confident in approaching sponsors (and big ones!).

We are happy that we did it.  Looking forward to developing this part of our business more!
Janie Lapierre

President, Événements Kick's