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Here’s What People Are Saying…

I decided to ask my board to fund the Sponsorship Collective Accelerator program after binge watching Chris Baylis’ very helpful video tips.
I didn’t know what to expect, but I was not disappointed. In fact, I raised more sponsorship money in our first few months of the program than our organization has EVER raised!… including a $30k multi-year partnership that I helped secure in our first 3 days of the program!
The Accelerator is composed of fascinating videos that break down Chris’ fundraising advice and tools into simple, achievable steps. The Valuation Calculator alone is worth more than the cost of the entire program.
I can’t WAIT to next participate in Chris’ Million Dollar Property program that will teach me how to secure more large, multi-year partnership deals.
I’m now the Sponsorship Collective’s biggest fan and am happy to respond to any DMs about my experience with them. SC ROCKS!
CJ Scarlet

Vice President & Chair of the Corporate Partnership & Outreach Committee, Harmony: NC LGBT+ Allied Chamber of Commerce

The Sponsorship Accelerator program has been a game changer for me. Not only did it boost my confidence in my ability to valuate my property and speak to prospects, but it also provided clear guidance on how to effectively secure sponsorships. The training modules and coaching support were instrumental in helping me transform from someone seeking sponsorship to someone who knows how to successfully acquire them. I highly recommend the Sponsorship Accelerator program to anyone looking to level up their sponsorship skills.

Brendan Dagan

Co-Founder, elitefeats

The Sponsorship Collective helped me organize my project, set up a plan, and set the plan in motion. It also gave me a VERY different approach which actually makes more business sense than the way I was approaching it. Excellent training!

Linda Borgmeyer

Founder and CEO, Wisdom Warrior Challenge

The Sponsorship Accelerator was hands down the best investment I have ever made in my professional career. I gained so much knowledge about sponsorship and was able to put it to practice and leave the program with 8 sponsors in 90 days! The modules, coaches, and feedback are all top notch!

Shannon Klassen

Executive Director, Canadian Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

As someone who was brand new to sponsorships, I was helped tremendously by The Sponsorship Collective. I was able to create a solid foundation for building a program and have grown our sponsorship revenue by 5x since taking the course. Thank you Chris Baylis!!!

Chris Norwood

Director of Marketing & Partnerships, Dusk Music Festival

Working with The Sponsorship Collective has allowed us to enhance our partnership program by instituting a “partner first” approach. We have implemented proper valuation techniques and continue to build out activations that put our sponsors interests first. Using The Sponsorship Collective’s methodology throughout process has been invaluable.

Edward Byers CHRP, CMP, CAE

Founder, CANRev Collaborative

The whole team at The Sponsorship Collective has relevant and insightful experience that will set you on a path for success when engaging in the world that is sponsorship. The tools, the team, the access to resources was incredible and I am still using them everyday! Thank you Chris for making this daunting part of event management less daunting.

Michelle Brodie

Owner, Atlas Events Group

My associate and I took a whole new approach to sponsorships for our annual event this year based on the suggestions of The Sponsorship Collective. It was overwhelmingly well received! We’ve done much more advertising and public acknowledgement of donors, reduced the number of people sponsors have to strong-arm into attending yet another of the dozens of events that happen in our community at this time of year, and we increased sponsorship revenue.”
Maureen Yee

Senior Officer, Leadership Gifts at Saratoga Hospital

What astounds me about The Sponsorship Collective is their ability to tap into what sponsors really want so that they both the sponsorship seeker and the company come out with a very happy partnership. They are experts at developing packages that leave nothing on the table.
Mena Gainpaulsingh

CEO, Friends of Canadian Museum for Human Rights

I had the privilege to be part of the 90 day accelerator group! It was 1 of the best investments I could have made as an entrepreneur. I had a clear vision, but with little knowledge of the industry, The Sponsorship Collective coaches really helped me connect the missing dots! I learned so much about my audience, and how to make my company more appealing to sponsors. Since being a part of the collective, I have met with 4 major global corporations who are interested in partnering! Thank you Chris, Mark, Maria, Chris Norwood, and all of my accelerator team mates! -Shea, NYC

Shéquanda Long

Founder, Juneteenth Freedom Fest, NYC

I have found so much value in the Sponsorship Collective from day one, I did a lot of research about sponsorships and worked for months before finding Chris Baylis & his amazing team – I was able to learn & understand more about it in a few days from the SC than I had gathered in those 3+ months of work on my own. I highly value the way things are organized and explained, with clear insight from experience offered around every corner, in every step of the videos, assignments, interactions with coaches, and FB community, I honestly feel I cannot fail. We have no choice but to succeed as long as we use these many incredible resources! I couldn’t be more excited to have found them, I’ve seen a lot of things in my research & experiences, so I try to express my appreciation properly for Chris and his dedicated team for providing such comprehensive resources along with the insight they’ve gained through their experience! Thanks guys, cheers!!!

Mikenzie Tavenner Hardmann

Founder, Bitches n Brews LLC

I cannot stress how instrumental Chris and his entire team have been in supporting our and our client’s events. They are without a doubt the GO TO resource for anyone even remotely serious about engaging sponsors for their events.

After 20 years in the events industry I haven’t come across another team more knowledgeable, well connected and supportive. Do their programs. Hire them. Your events will never be the same again 🙂

Brody Lee

Chief Impact Officer and CEO, Beyond Impact

Making the decision to work with The Sponsorship Collective was one of the most impactful decisions we made in 2020. Building the organizational capacity to approach sponsorship properly and effectively is essential to our financial viability.
The methodology and tools provided by The Sponsorship Collective completely changed our mindset, confidence level, and ability to define and put a value to what we have to offer prospective sponsors. This enabled us to have successful conversations with prospective sponsors, and we increased our sponsorship revenue just a short time into the program.
The tools we acquired continue to be of great value. We can identify prospective sponsors that are a good fit and who will want to work with us because we can offer custom solutions to help them achieve their goals.
Chris and the team were truly responsive and dedicated to helping every step of the way. Highly effective program. Great team. I look forward to working with the team again.
Highly recommended!
Pierrefonds Soccer Association

The Sponsorship Collective is hands down the most important program I have implemented for my business! Chris and his team set me for success through a step x step program and information that just isn’t available anywhere else. I have not only launched my program higher than ever this year but now have a baseline for scaling things over time. You won’t regret working with Chris and the Sponsorship Collective Team

Dave Stewart

Host , Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Right from the start, the Sponsorship Collective distinguished themselves from the competition by taking the time to do their research and understand our project. They demonstrated knowledge of how our sector works and really showed us how sponsorship can help us to further our mission.

Chris and his team have an approachable style, which makes learning from them a pleasure. They break down every step of the sponsorship process so that even a true beginner can employ their strategies and tools.

Working with the Sponsorship Collective has been invaluable to us. We now not only have market tested valuations for our sponsorship properties, we have learned how to continue to build and refine our sponsorship strategies and approaches independently.

Frances Houston

Director of Major Gifts, University of Waterloo

I can’t say enough great things about The Sponsorship Collective. They can scale their experience up for bigger organizations and down for groups with smaller events. It’s win-win-win: your organization raises more money, your event participants have a blast and keep coming back, your sponsors can make a strong business case for supporting your event.
Cathy Mann

Principal, Cathy Mann & Associates Inc.