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How to Get Film Festival Sponsors

by | April 3, 2024

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Through my career in the sponsorship industry, one thing I realized many years ago is that attracting the right festival sponsors is an art in itself, whether that be film, music, food, or arts. It takes experience to become adept in this field, as the subtle nuances involved with film festival sponsorship are varied and abundant. Tackling the project without experience will negate your chances of success to some degree.

That said, I can tell you that film festivals are viewed as a fantastic branding opportunity for potential sponsors. They are an immediate platform for businesses to connect with a well-engaged, diverse audience. Companies are eager to get involved, and with the right approach, you can make this happen without the help of a dedicated, experienced sponsorship team

I want to help you in that endeavor today, not just in attracting sponsors but in creating the perfect match: finding sponsors who resonate with your festival’s general spirit and contribute to the overall experience.

Throughout this short guide, I’ll share thoughts and tactics from my own experiences to help you draw sponsors who are a good fit for your film festival. The goal is to attract partnerships that suit your event’s character and audience in addition to the revenue they can bring.

What Is Film Festival Sponsorship?

Securing great festival sponsors means cementing a partnership that brings value to both parties, so when I talk about film festival sponsorship, I’m really referring to a collaborative relationship. In layman’s terms, a festival sponsor offers financial or material support in return for access to a platform that reaches a wide audience, ranging from movie enthusiasts to industry professionals.

I always recommend focusing on the relationship between the festival’s theme and a sponsor’s brand identity. Technology companies, for example, will obviously be a great fit for a sci-fi film festival. The idea is to create a mutually beneficial relationship where the sponsor’s presence feels natural and adds to the festival’s general spirit or atmosphere. 

Get it right, and your festival not only wins valuable support but also provides sponsors with a unique opportunity to engage with a targeted audience.

Identifying Potential Sponsors

In the introduction, I referred to the “subtle nuances” involved in finding film festival sponsors. These nuances come into play during the early stage of identifying potential sponsors, as strategy and intuition are required here. 

Connecting with companies that match the festival’s theme and audience should be your first thought. Start by thinking of the unique aspects of your festival – such as what makes it stand out and who attends your events – to help pinpoint companies and brands that sync with your festival’s niche.

Next, I look at businesses that have previously shown interest in supporting arts and cultural events, as these companies are often more inclined to understand the terrific value of film festivals. Contrary to popular belief, local businesses can be an absolute treasure trove, particularly small enterprises that are looking to boost their community presence, and what better way to do that than a local film festival?

Symbiotic Relationship

Without stating the obvious too much, I also suggest considering brands that match the interests of your festival’s audience. For example, if your festival has a strong focus on environmental documentaries, companies that emphasize sustainability might be a good fit. In that example, you should be reaching out to all local solar companies.

Remember one thing, however. The process of identifying sponsors is as much about them finding value in your event as it is about the financial support they can offer. In other words, building a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties can thrive. So, keep an eye out for potential sponsors who can bring something special to the table, improving the festival experience for your audience while also achieving their own marketing objectives.

Film Sponsorship Proposals

Building an effective sponsorship proposal is almost an art form in itself – one that I have come to appreciate deeply, as so much depends on it. From my perspective, the key is engineering a proposal that speaks directly to the sponsor’s interests and goals. Please do not make the common mistake of presenting only your festival needs: you also need to sell what you can offer them.

I always start by detailing the unique aspects of the festival – its theme, audience, and any special experiences it may offer. This builds into explaining why a potential sponsor should be interested. Next, I focus on customization, tailoring each proposal to reflect the potential sponsor’s unique brand values and marketing objectives. Now, this might mean offering different levels of sponsorship, each with its own set of benefits.

A critical element I never overlook is the raw data. Sponsors love to see numbers, including audience demographics, previous attendance figures (if any), and social media reach, among others. This is important sponsor data that helps gauge the potential return on their investment.

Lastly, I infuse my proposals with stories and testimonials. Sharing success stories from past sponsors or highlighting the impact of the festival on the community adds more of a personal touch, following the section about cold hard data. This should make the proposal more engaging and generally relatable.


Offering creative activation ideas can greatly improve your proposal to film festival sponsors. Remember, the age of plastering logos around is long gone: companies now want to see initiatives and ideas that make the sponsor’s presence at the festival interactive and memorable.

Sponsor-Themed Screenings

One idea I often suggest is hosting sponsor-themed screenings. For example, if a sponsor is a local coffee shop, you could have a morning screening event where their coffee is the feature of the show. You can do this by setting up a special coffee-tasting station or serving their coffee as the exclusive drink during the film. This is a great way to integrate the sponsor’s product directly into the festival in a more tangible, engaging way.

Immersive Experiences

Another concept I like to recommend involves creating immersive experiences. For a tech company sponsor, for example, you could set up a ‘tech lounge’ where festival-goers can kick back and play around with the sponsor’s latest gadgets. Either way, you can see the point here – you need to create an environment where the sponsor’s products or services are not just seen but experienced.

Interactive Measures

Interactive booths or installations are always a hit for film festival sponsors. I usually encourage sponsors to think beyond the traditional and create spaces that invite festival-goers to engage with their brand in more fun, unique, hands-on ways. Basic common sense will help you think of ideas; think ‘VR movie experience’ for a tech sponsor or a ‘photo booth with movie-themed props’ for a camera brand.

Again, and I can’t stress this enough, the most important element for the festival sponsors is collaboration and creativity. Working closely with sponsors to produce and develop activations to ensure they are in sync with the sponsor’s goals and the festival’s atmosphere. The sponsor should get valuable engagement with the audience, and the festival goers get to enjoy an enriched experience.

Digital Platforms

I recommend using social media and the festival’s website to highlight your sponsors. A simple yet powerful approach is featuring sponsor logos or short profiles on your event’s social media pages – this not only gives sponsors online exposure but also connects them with your audience in a space where they’re already active and engaged.

Another tactic I’ve used is creating engaging content like interviews or behind-the-scenes glimpses featuring sponsors. Content like this tends to get shared more, increasing the reach. Your festival gets engaging content, and your sponsors get more visibility. Social media offers a whole world of creative possibilities to promote your sponsors in a way that’s both genuine,  effective, and clever.

Relationship Building

Building long-term relationships with event sponsors is something I’ve always prioritized. I recommend staying in touch with sponsors throughout the year, not just when you need their support. 

I’ve found that inviting sponsors to be part of the planning process for future events helps, too, as it makes them feel valued and gives them a real sense of ownership. Also, gathering feedback post-festival is crucial. I always ask what worked well for sponsors and where we could improve. 

Above all, remember that trust and mutual respect are at the heart of any lasting sponsor relationship. 

Get Prospecting!

The most important aspect of securing film festival sponsors relates to good old-fashioned ‘grunt work.’ Just roll your sleeves up and get knocking on those doors (metaphorically speaking). There are plenty of companies out there who would be thrilled to sponsor a film festival; you simply need to approach as many as possible to find them.

If you feel that a little expert help is required, please get in touch, and let’s talk. With our expert consulting, comprehensive training, and innovative tools, we’re ready to help you find film festival sponsors right now. Connect with The Sponsorship Collective, and let us help you create a magical film festival!