Need Sponsors For Your Event, Festival, Or Business?

Here’s How To Go From “I’m Sorry, We’re Not Sponsoring Right Now” To “When’s Your Next Opportunity?” With 3-5 New Sponsorship Deals Equaling At Least $500k


Within 60-90 Days


By Simply Using This *FREE* ‘Sponsors On Demand’ Playbook.

Proven by over 462+ Event Producers, Podcast Hosts, Festivals, and Motorsport Teams — without using any sleazy cold email tactics, reaching out with sponsorship packages, or asking for meetings they’ve never agreed to have.

Sponsors On Demand

In this workshop, you will learn:

How to install the three systems needed to grow your sponsorship revenue

How to get leads everyday using our prospecting system

How to get meetings every week with our copy and paste email templates

How to get sponsors every month with our discovery script

The 3 high impact areas you need to focus your time and energy

The essential systems you need to turn sponsors into true partners

In other words, I will show you how to move from the old, transactional model to the new model of sponsorship.