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**All prices quoted are in US Dollars

Welcome to The Quickest Path To Sponsors

Inside The Sponsorship Quick Start you will learn the fast path to onboarding up to $50K in sponsorship over the next 90 days.

  • A world class training system, with 9 modules, templates, videos and worksheets that are yours to keep forever
  • 90 Days of weekly coaching calls with our team of sponsorship experts (who are actively selling sponsorship every day)
  • Full access for 90 days to our Q&A forum monitored round the clock for you to get quick feedback from colleagues and coaches
  • Systems that have been tested by thousands of clients including:
    • Our prospect identification system
    • Turnkey activation ideas
    • Prospect outreach and follow up process
    • Our “close the deal” sales system (with 0 cold calls)
  • Paint by numbers templates, including:
    • A simple way to track prospects
    • The Audience Analyzer
    • The Sponsorship Proposal Template
    • Copy and paste emails to send to prospects

This is a proven system, used by thousands of sponsorship seekers just like you who are looking to secure up to $50,000 in sponsorship.

Important notes:

  • All prices quoted are in US Dollars
  • Payment cannot be put on hold, refunded or cancelled