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Common Questions


What if I have no audience data?

This is actually a REALLY common problem that our clients face and this is actually one of our super powers. We have several strategies and paint-by-numbers systems ready for you to install once you get started to find the best (and quickest) way for you to uncover your audience data, fast.

Who are the coaches?

Our team of consultants and subject matter experts have well over 100 years of combined sponsorship sales experience. Not only has our team worked with thousands of clients just like you but they are also actively involved in sponsorship sales for their own projects.


Every coach, consultant and subject matter expert has been hand picked for their expertise, trained in our systems and are active in the field.

Have you ever worked with XYZ type of org before?

The short answer is…yes. The slightly longer answer is that in order to be successful in sponsorship, you have to change your mindset. There is no such thing as “sport” or “event” or “charity” or “athlete” or “naming rights” or “whatever” sponsorship.


Sponsorship is a discipline with its own set of rules, requirements and best practices. To be successful, you must learn the rules of sponsorship and then apply them to your specific circumstances.


The good news is that this is exactly what we do every day at The Sponsorship Collective and we have worked with thousands of clients from all over the world.

How many opportunities can I put through The Sponsorship Accelerator?

We don’t put a limit on this. Many of our clients will take several properties (or opportunities) through The Sponsorship Accelerator. To keep the workload manageable we suggest no more than three opportunities at any one time but if you have the time and energy for more, then so do we!

Can I do this with a team?

Yes! You can add as many team members as you would like to your account. They will receive the same access as you and are invited to the coaching calls, the community and to use the valuation calculator.

How many one on ones do I get?

As many as you need! We do not put a limit on the number of one on ones you get. Our only goal is for you to close 3 – 5 cash sponsors within 90 days and not to tick boxes. We have a really simple process for you to follow before you can request a one on one which, like everything within The Sponsorship Accelerator, is designed to keep you moving forward and get you unstuck, fast.

How much sponsorship should I expect?

The range here is significant. We want you to close at least 3 cash sponsors but many of our clients close significantly more than that. We have seen clients onboard anywhere from 50K all the way up to a $1.9 million dollar partnership (you read that right!).


Obviously the amounts vary significantly depending on several factors including your goals and your opportunity.

This is a brand new (or future) opportunity. Will this work for me?

Yes! In fact, this is the best possible time for you to join us. Build your opportunity right, from the start rather than do what everyone else does, which is to spend years spinning their tires, wasting time, energy and money only to realize that they should have joined us in year one (we hear this…a lot).

Client Spotlight

CJ Scarlet – 30K on Day 3 in the Accelerator

I decided to ask my board to fund the Sponsorship Collective Accelerator program after binge watching Chris Baylis’ very helpful video tips.
I didn’t know what to expect, but I was not disappointed. In fact, I raised more sponsorship money in our first few months of the program than our organization has EVER raised!… including a $30k multi-year partnership that I helped secure in our first 3 days of the program!
The Accelerator is composed of fascinating videos that break down Chris’ fundraising advice and tools into simple, achievable steps. The Valuation Calculator alone is worth more than the cost of the entire program.
I can’t WAIT to next participate in Chris’ Million Dollar Property program that will teach me how to secure more large, multi-year partnership deals.
I’m now the Sponsorship Collective’s biggest fan and am happy to respond to any DMs about my experience with them. SC ROCKS!
CJ Scarlet

Vice President & Chair of the Corporate Partnership & Outreach Committee, Harmony: NC LGBT+ Allied Chamber of Commerce

Learn how CJ:


Closed 30K on Day 3 in The Sponsorship Accelerator


Earned more in the 90 days of The Sponsorship Accelerator than in the 30 year history of their organization


Learned to love sales


Completed The Sponsorship Accelerator as a volunteer

Chris Norwood – Student to Master

Learn how Chris:


Doubled his sponsorship revenue


He stopped undervaluing his property


Built a sponsorship team and process


Learnt the importance of patience

As someone who was brand new to sponsorships last year, I was helped tremendously by The Sponsorship Collective. I was able to create a solid foundation for building a program and ended up growing our sponsorships by 100%. Thank you Chris!!!

Chris Norwood

Director of Marketing & Partnerships, Co-Owner DUSK Music Festival

Heather And Rush – From “Stumbling In The Dark” To “Sponsorship Cheat Codes”

Learn how Heather & Rush:


How reporting on ROI changed everything


Using valuation to negotiate and upsell sponsors


How audience data opened up new markets


Why the “business case” is superior to the old school proposal


How to generate a massive media footprint using activations

Behind The Scenes Look! Using Sponsorship To Generate A Massive Media Footprint.


A complete walkthrough of how to build an amazing activation


Why custom sponsorship is the only way


Why the “right” audience matters more than a massive audience


Using audience feedback to create amazing sponsorship opportunities


How to leverage media to increase the value of your sponsorship


Why “Gold, Silver, Bronze” is holding you back

In the words of our clients…

I absolutely loved taking part in the Sponsorship Collective’s Accelerator program! I was looking for a way to create financial win-wins with sponsors/ funders as a filmmaker. And Chris, Mark, Chris N., and the team showed me in so many ways how to be and do that. What surprised and thrilled me is how much the philosophy Chris and his team teach lines up with my own story and my approach to business and life: I highly value and always want to learn more about really listening to understand the needs and wants of others. With the skills and the understanding of sponsorship development I gained, I know that my business and the impact I have on the lives of others is going to soar higher than ever before.
Thank you for seeing me, hearing me, and greatly encouraging my creative properties and ideas! I was truly blessed by the team and the community!


Director, Writer & Filmmaker

Hi Chris,

I just want to tell you how amazing that The Sponsorship Collective is and I’m not one to sign up for paid conferences or training online very often. I reached out to 18 people on Sunday with your email template and already got 11 meetings booked!

What an eye-opener it is to simply change your mindset and truly focus on what matters to the prospect! One prospect, who advised me that sponsorship has been cut back, said that our phone call today was the most fun he had all week!

He’s now looking forward to receiving a custom sponsorship proposal draft which won’t have any tiers!

Thank you!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your work to anyone else who has to solicit sponsorship!

Amber Richards

CEO, Amber Effect Events

I have been in Advertising and Marketing for over 33 years working with over 5000 clients. I recently decided to branch out into sponsorship sales to help a friend. Thinking that would be an easy addition but I knew I needed help right after my first few sponsorship calls.
Sponsorship was not the same as advertising selling.

I researched for sponsorship help and went through about 80-100 sites and read their reviews etc. and in the end, the number one on my list was The sponsorship Collective. I called directly and spoke with them about what I wanted to accomplish and long story short: The best decision made. These tools and advice are a MUST for sponsorship success.

The Sponsorship Collective helped me build a complete foundation, not a house of cards, and we are having overwhelming success.  I very strongly recommend this complete solution for anyone looking to close sponsorship deals in today’s real time markets.

Not to mention it was actually fun meeting weekly with others doing the same thing as we all helped each other with brainstorming and sharing experiences etc..

Worth every penny!

Marria Ruttle

President, WAM CORP

I cannot stress how instrumental Chris and his entire team have been in supporting our and our client’s events. They are without a doubt the GO TO resource for anyone even remotely serious about engaging sponsors for their events.

After 20 years in the events industry I haven’t come across another team more knowledgeable, well connected and supportive. Do their programs. Hire them. Your events will never be the same again 🙂

Brody Lee

Chief Impact Officer and CEO, Beyond Impact