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Strategy creation isn’t about creating a report that collects dust in your office. It’s a process designed to get you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

The Strategy and Valuation Process

What follows is our approach to the strategy and valuation process along with the deliverables you should expect from each stage.


The Strategy and Valuation Process

We work with your team to identify your target audience as well as the niche audience groups within your greater audience. It is common for us to find 3 or 4 distinct groups within your audience through this process.

Whether donors, event attendees, volunteers or email contacts, your audience is the key to your strategy and valuation…and that’s where we start.


Inventory Building

The fact is, if you don’t have assets to sell then you don’t have a sponsorship program.

Our asset development process is thorough and we work with your team every step of the way. The goal at this stage is simple: to develop the largest base of assets possible for your sponsorship property. Both the audience identification and inventory building involve a live session with your team.


Asset Valuation

Once we have identified your audience and developed a huge pool of assets, we move on to a full valuation of those assets. This is the most technical and challenging stage of the sponsorship process and we know it better than anyone.

You will walk away with a custom valuation calculator, based on your audience and your organization, along with training on how to adjust it and use it in negotations with your sponsors.


Prospect Research

As part of this process, our team of sponsorship experts with identify your hottests leads and get you started with a full pipeline of prospects.

We will also show you how to build a sales tracker to keep your prospects moving forward.


Strategy and Template Creation

Our strategies are thorough and our templates are designed to help you implement your new strategy immediately.

Our strategies include a 1, 2 and 3-year revenue forecast, recommendations for bundling your assets to help you in negotiations, staffing recommendations, planning your sales calendar, templates and sales scripts designed for your needs and a step-by-step implementation process.



The amount of information uncovered through this process is not small and so every one of our strategy and valuation packages comes with live training (in person or via webinar).

Not only will you have all of the tools we develop for you but you will have a team who is fully trained in the sales process, prospecting and pipeline management as well as valuation and negotation best practices.


Sponsorship Sales Coaching

Once this process is finished, we are still there to help you implement. Have a big pitch coming up? Not sure how to handle a counter offer from your sponsor? Need an extra set of eyes on your sponsorship deck?

That’s what we’re here for and you won’t receive any surprise invoices from us either. Coaching is included in the process and yours to use as needed.

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