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  • How to Get Sponsorship: 9 Steps to Success

    Sponsorship can seem complex and even random at times- sometimes technique A works, other times, technique B does the trick and sometimes, seemingly for months on end, nothing seems to work at all! There is, however, a way to change the odds, and it is surprisingly formulaic. If you want to know how to get sponsorship

  • What is Sponsorship?

    Before you can begin to ask how to get sponsorship money you have to start with the basics: What is sponsorship? Before you use my sponsorship proposal template let’s look at what corporate partnerships entail. This is part one of a five part series focused on understanding the demands of sponsorship. How to know when you’re ready to

  • Sponsorship Activation and Fulfillment

    Most people think of closing the sponsorship sale as the last step in the sponsorship process but nothing could be further from the truth! Getting the money is hard work but not as hard as keeping your sponsors happy after they’ve agreed to invest. This is the last post of my five part sponsorship series

  • The Sponsorship Journey Infographic

    The sponsorship process can seem complicated and intimidating and so I’ve created this infographic to help simplify things. Check it out and click on on each step of the Sponsorship Journey for some tips related to that topic. Read More

  • Getting the Sponsorship Meeting

    I have been in my share of meetings with sponsorship prospects to talk about sponsorship, corporate philanthropy, cause marketing and workplace giving campaigns. I have been on both sides of the table, both seeking sponsorship as well as creating cause marketing campaigns on behalf of corporate sponsors. I have also coached many charities and not

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