The Sponsorship Collective’s sole focus is on building your best practice sponsorship program. We believe that the best sponsorship sales are done in-house, and our area of expertise is helping you overcome the obstacles holding back your sponsorship sales.

We help our clients develop their sponsorship programs in the following ways:

Inventory Building and Valuation

We know what sponsors are looking for and know what it takes to develop a large and attractive inventory of assets to offer your sponsors. Our experts will build you an inventory of sellable assets that can be used to build activations, negotiate with sponsors, develop a sponsorship grid or to create custom sponsorship packages.

Valuation, or how much to charge sponsors, is one of the most complicated elements of the sponsorship process and it just happens to be our area of expertise. Once we’ve developed your inventory, we will do a market valuation of everything you have to offer.

Once we’re finished developing your inventory and valuation calculator, we will show you how it works, how to use it with sponsors and how to apply it to your sponsorship sales.

Program Audit and Strategy Development


We will review and audit your current sponsorship sales strategy, pitch deck and your inventory of assets. We will identify what’s working and what isn’t and then build you a strategy to take your sponsorship sales to the next level. Our expertise will save you time and from the costly process of trial and error.

Audience Research and Analysis

Audience data is essential in any sponsorship sales program. We can help you understand your audience, their buying power, coming purchases and brand affinity. Through our process we build audience segments and profiles with the information that sponsors need in order to decide on a sponsorship investment.


Activation Development


The days of logo placement as the sole strategy for sponsorship sales are long gone. Sponsors now require more involved activation ideas to truly leverage the power of sponsorship. Furthermore, audiences have grown more savvy and cynical and no longer respond to simple branding as the key vehicle for sponsorship.

We will work with your team to build out custom activation ideas that deliver value to your audience, help your sponsors reach their target market and, most importantly, bring in premium rights fees.

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