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  • The Sponsorship Journey Infographic

    The sponsorship process can seem complicated and intimidating and so I’ve created this infographic to help simplify things. Check it out and click on on each step of the Sponsorship Journey for some tips related to that topic.

  • Getting the Sponsorship Meeting

    I have been in my share of meetings with sponsorship prospects to talk about sponsorship, corporate philanthropy, cause marketing and workplace giving campaigns. I have been on both sides of the table, both seeking sponsorship as well as creating cause marketing campaigns on behalf of corporate sponsors. I have also coached many charities and not

  • Sponsorship Package Essentials

    Virtually everyone I speak to about sponsorship and cause marketing thinks of the sponsorship package as the most important part of the sponsorship process.  I don’t know how this belief came to be but I do know this- nothing could be further from the truth! In fact I would go so far as to say

  • Sponsorship and Corporate Philanthropy Ethics

    Today’s post is all about ethics! This post will focus on how charities, associations and organized sport should see their brands as their most powerful asset. Who you partner with sends a message to the public and so every sponsorship seeking organization should spend some time thinking about the types of corporate development they are willing to

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