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  • Surveys Don’t Work (and other lies we tell ourselves)

    Surveys are a very important part of your sponsorship program. Every organisation should be surveying their attendees and their database if they want to grow (or maintain) their sponsorship program. I talk a lot about the power of audience data and cover the importance of surveys in all of my in person and online training

  • How to get sponsorship for a first year event or new opportunity

    What do you do when you are launching a brand new event? Or a naming right for a building that hasn’t been constructed yet? Or a new program? First, it has to be said: a brand new sponsorship opportunity is not given a pass from following the sponsorship sales process discussed in this article.

  • How do I sell sponsorship for…?

    I get this question or a variation of it every day, multiple times a day and at every speaking event, workshop and webinar that I run.

  • The three things missing from every sponsorship package (and the one thing there is too much of!)

    As part of our work at The Sponsorship Collective, we review hundreds of sponsorship decks every year across Canada and the US. There are some simple changes that every sponsorship seeker should implement to make the strongest deck possible. A good sponsorship package is never a replacement for good sponsor-centric sales techniques and relationship building

  • The Sponsorship Package is an Outcome, Not the Starting Point

    Most organizations start their sponsorship journey by creating a sponsorship package. They create beautifully designed proposals, edited by multiple levels internally, voted on by the board and written (and rewritten) with every single eventuality in mind. “If we create a sponsorship deck that covers absolutely every option for a sponsor, then every company we approach

  • How to Secure Mega Sponsorships for Your Fundraising Event!

    Events can be great. They can engage your donors, show off your cause, increase revenue and, most important of all (in my highly biased opinion) drive sponsorship dollars. Sponsorship sales can be a major revenue source from events. With a little effort, you can make your next event a sponsor’s dream!

  • Getting Past the Online Sponsorship Request Form

    We hear this question a lot. “I keep getting sent to the online form…what should I do?” The question refers to those online forms that companies have on their website for you to complete to apply for sponsorship. The question is, should you fill it out. The answer is…yes! But not without a story first.

  • The Definitive Guide to the Sponsorship Proposal: 7 Steps to a Proposal that Actually Works!

    I call this post “The Definitive Guide to the Sponsorship Proposal” for a reason! I am going to tell you everything you need to know about creating a winning sponsorship proposal and how to write a sponsorship proposal that actually works.

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Sponsorship

    When working with clients on their sponsorship sales goals and strategies, I see some common themes come up again and again. Unfortunately, when I am working on the brand side and helping them assess their sponsorship marketing goals…we see the same trends from those seeking sponsorship dollars.

  • Five Reasons Your Sponsorship Proposal isn’t Working!

    Sponsorship marketing is hard work! Nothing is more frustrating than spending countless hours crafting a sponsorship proposal, sending it out to your prospects and hearing…nothing in return. I see a lot of sponsorship proposals, good ones and bad ones (and some REALLY bad ones) but all of them suffer from one of these five issues,

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